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Calliope Wong, Transgender Female, Not Accepted Into All-Female Smith College

Calliope Wong, a transgender female who applied to Smith College, an all-female college in Northampton, Massachusetts, has been blocked from admission to the school.

Wong, 17, was born a male, but has been living as a female.

Wong identified as female on her application to Smith College, but her financial aid paperwork and social security information listed her as male, reports the Daily Mail.

The Connecticut high school senior has now accused the college of discriminating against her to protect the all-female status of the school.

"Someone whose paperwork consistently reflects female identity will be considered for admission"' said Laurie Fenlason, Smith's vice president for public affairs.

Wong said her father identified the her as a male on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form so that it would match the social security information. But for reasons unknown Wong blames the school for her father's error, reports ABC News.

In a statement on their admissions website, Smith College states: "An application from a transgender student is treated no differently from other applications: every application Smith receives is considered on a case-by-case basis."

"Any student who completes the college’s graduation requirements — regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation — will be awarded a Smith degree."

Although Wong dreamed of attending Smith College, she is not going to apply again and is seeking admission to another school.  Hopefully, her dad won't screw up the paperwork.

Source: Daily Mail and ABC News


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