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Californian Woman Who Gave Birth On Mother's Day Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

A California woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth on Mother’s Day while on her way to a hospital.

Lindsey Robinson had decided to drive herself to the hospital after experiencing cramps from the day before, telling her boyfriend of 10 years, James Meredith, that she would be spending the better part of Mother’s Day in the hospital.

“And soon as I went to put my shoes on to go leave for the hospital, I went down to my knees,” said Robinson to KTXL. “The pain was so bad.”

On birth control at the time, Robinson attributed the pain to a cyst, but the pain became so unbearable that she had to call 911 on her way to the hospital and stop driving. She gave birth on the scene with emergency medical staff present. However, the two men who responded had never delivered a baby before and told her they could only see blood. When Robinson went to pull her pants back up, she began to give birth.

Her daughter, Presley Faith, was 38 weeks old.

After giving birth, Robinson texted Meredith to tell him the news.

“She texted me and she goes, ‘I need you to be calm,’” said Meredith with a laugh to KTXL. “Soon as she said that, I was like ‘This is not happening.’ And she goes, ‘It's a girl.’”

It’s likely that Robinson didn’t know she was pregnant because she menstruated during her pregnancy. Robinson has three other children and menstruated while she was pregnant with all of them. Also, according to KTXL, Robinson has Graves' disease, an immune system disorder that causes her to experience weight fluctuations. According to Fox 2 Now, Robinson had been posting to Facebook to celebrate reaching her goal weight of 138 pounds.

“Family and friends don’t even believe this right now,” laughed Robinson, as reported by Fox 2 Now. “‘Again?’ That’s what they’re saying. ‘How does this happen? Only you.’ My friend called me a magician.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox 2 Now

Photo Credit: Fox 40 News Video


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