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California Restaurant Requires Women to Wear Heels

ProAbition, a new restaurant in Riverside, Calif., is requiring female diners to wear heels (video below).

Fortunately for women with medical issues, the eatery does make an exception for injuries, noted

However, many podiatrists warn against wearing high heels because of the toes being compressed together in the small "box" at the front of the shoe and the additional pressure placed on the ankles and arch, reported CNN.

According to theRiverside Press-Enterprise, ProAbition posted an online announcement that read: "Ladies: No flat shoes or sandals. Must have heels."  

After women complained on the company's Facebook page, ProAbition responded with another statement:

The flyer in question was posted by one of our promoters for a SPECIFIC event; scheduled on a Saturday night — after dinner hours. We should have caught the questionable wording and corrected it. “Fashionable Cocktail Attire” should have sufficed.

However, we have taken steps to review all posts in the future and insure that they send the message that was intended. The bottom line is that we do have a dress code. Our dress code is not carved in stone — it changes with the time of day, day of the week, and with any event that is scheduled.

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