California Mother Samantha Delvalle Arrested After Two-Year-Old Tests Positive For Meth

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California resident Samantha Delvalle was arrested last Thursday and charged with child endangerment after her two-year-old son tested positive for dangerous levels of alcohol and methamphetamines in his bloodstream. Her boyfriend, Raymond Maybry, was arrested and charges as well.

The boy’s grandmother took him to Ukiah Valley Medical Center after she noticed that he appeared sick and smelled of alcohol after she picked him up from Delvalle's house in Mendocino County.

Sheriff’s deputies searched the home and found 22-year-old Delvalle and 21-year-old Maybry intoxicated. There were open bottles of alcohol and drug paraphernalia in areas that the child could have easily accessed, reports The Huffington Post.

The little boy is now living with his biological father while child protective services looks into the incident. Delvalle is still locked up, but Maybry was released on $25,000 bail. In addition to the child endangerment charge, the couple was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and drug intoxication. They will both appear in court later this month.

A woman in Washington state was arrested after her two-year-old died from ingesting a deadly amount of meth earlier this year.

A video about the incident in Washington is below:

Source: (The Huffington Post)


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