California Man Wears Sandwich Board To Help Find His Mother A Kidney

A 22-year-old in California has decided to walk around with a sandwich board in the hopes that it would help him find a kidney for his sick mother.

Geoffrey Dinoso of Vacaville decided to make the bold move in an effort to save the life of his mother, who was diagnosed with renal failure two years ago. Dinoso says he read about a South Carolina man successfully doing the same thing to help his wife and was inspired, so he made a sign that said “Mom Needs Kidney,” listed his phone number, and walked around town hoping to get some attention.

"To be honest, I have seen a similar story online," said Dinoso. "A man did the same thing for his wife and he got the exposure. The news covered him and he got what he wanted."

Dinoso’s mother says she was unaware that her son had gone to those measures to help her until she received a request for a news interview.

“I was very surprised," said Maria Dinoso, Geoffrey’s mother. "I was crying. I didn’t know he would do that for me."

So far, Dinoso says he has received numerous calls and texts from people asking how they can help out, and now, he’s even become somewhat of a celebrity online.

“A bunch of people came up to me, took pictures of me and posted it on Facebook, so I’m all over the Internet, apparently,” said Dinoso. “She means the world to me. She’s my mom. She’s been there for me all my life. It’s the least I could do.”

Dinoso says he hopes his efforts will lead them to a kidney soon, as Maria is currently on dialysis to keep her stable.

“Without it, my mom’s going to [continue] being on dialysis," said Dinoso. "And the longer you’re on dialysis, the more harm it does to your body, so that’s why I’m trying to get this done as quickly as possible."

Dinoso is currently a full-time college student hoping to become an X-ray technician. He is asking those interested in finding out how to donate their kidney to call the University of California at Davis Transplant Center for more information.


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