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California Man Overcharged $40,000 By Hospital For An Appendectomy

Everybody knows that hospital bills in the U.S. can get outrageously expensive. A decent insurance plan often covers much of the costs, but even people with strong policies are often left paying thousands of dollars out of their own pockets for routine procedures and stays in hospitals.

Reddit user zcypher recently posted a hospital bill showing just how much a hospital stay can cost. He claims to be a 20-year-old male, and his bill indicates he lives in California.

“So on October 1st of this year I woke up with an excruciating pain in my lower abdomen,” zcypher writes. “Turns out it was appendicitis. So after about a 24 hour stay in the hospital I was free to go. This was the bill I received earlier this month.”

A 24-hour stay in the hospital for an Appendectomy cost zcypher an incredible $55,029.31. His Aetna insurance plan covered $43,909.78 of the bill, but he was still left to pay $11,119.53 himself. Here is the cover page of his bill:

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Although hospital stays in the states are always expensive, this is one is over the top. According to Healthcare Blue Book, the fair price cost for an Appendectomy is $10,091 — total.

As you can see, zcypher is being forced to pay more than this just out of his own pocket. So what’s the deal here?

Unfortunately, it looks like zcypher went to a notorious hospital in his area. As the bill shows, the hospital is owned by Sutter Health. Sutter recently agreed to pay $46 million in an out of court settlement after being accused of overcharging.

Sources: Reddit, Business Insider


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