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California Man Intentionally Cuts Himself With Saws At Home Depot

A California man walked into a Home Depot in West Covina on Wednesday morning and used saws to cut both of his arms, according to police. The store was closed during the afternoon so that employees could clean up the bloody mess.

According to West Covina Police Corporal Rudy Lopez: "The witnesses said they first noticed him in the action of cutting himself with the saws. The scene itself was quite gruesome." Lopez added that the man cut himself down to the bone.

An off-duty paramedic was in the same aisle as the man and tried to come to his aid. 911 was also called, according to ABC Local.

"The paramedic suggested that we get some twine and some rags from within the store, at which time when they acquired that, both the officer and the paramedic applied tourniquets to both arms, probably saving his life," said Lopez.

The man was taken to Queen of the Valley Hospital and rushed into surgery. He has not been identified.  

A video about the incident is below.

Sources: ABC LocalFox News


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