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'It Is Surprising': Family Discovers Sewing Needles In Their Apples


What happens when urban legend turns into reality? This is exactly what occurred when one California father discovered a needle in his apple.

When Can Nguyen went to take a bite out of a honeycrisp apple, he discovered a sewing needle embedded in the fruit. Shocked, Nguyen took photos of the needle as proof.

His daughter, Sandra, had bought five apples earlier from a local store. It was from this bunch that the original apple with a needle was discovered. 

However, when Can's 9-year-old daughter Hannah wanted a snack they, discovered another needle.

"Hannah was cutting into an apple on a plate, and there was another one,” Sandra told CBS.

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(CBS News)

It was then that the family decided to call up the store where the apples were bought -- Albertsons -- and inform them of the issue.

A spokesperson from the store told reporters that they removed honeycrisp apples form the shelves immediately and called the police to find the culprit. However, despite looking at surveillance video, they were unable to find any leads, CBS reports.

According to the Nguyen's, Albertsons informed the family that the needles might have been placed in the apples before they even got to the store.

"We don't know where it happened is their thing," Sandra said, "so they have to check everywhere."

For now, the family will be cutting their apples before biting into them. 

"It is surprising when something like that happens to you," Sandra said, "you don't expect it to happen to you personally and actually picturing the psychology is a bit difficult."

Source: Fox Carolina 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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