California Couple Asks Surrogate To Abort Third Fetus After She Develops Triplets


A surrogate mother carrying triplets has rejected demands from the birth parents to abort one of the fetuses. A similar issue made the news in November when another surrogate mother spoke out.

Brittneyrose Torres, 26, from Thousand Oaks, California, is 17 weeks pregnant and frantically trying to save the fetus, the New York Post reports. She even offered to adopt the female baby, but the anonymous couple has reportedly rejected the proposal.

After hearing about surrogate Melissa Cook -- who is also carrying triplets and refuses to abort one of the fetuses -- Torres said she decided to make her story public.

In both cases, the birth parents claim that under the surrogacy contract, they have the right to demand an abortion, and they have suspended payments to the surrogate until that demand is met.

Torres, however, said the parents knew from the start that they didn’t want to abort unless it was a life-and-death situation.

The couple was hopeful Torres would get pregnant after she was implanted with two fertilized eggs using in vitro fertilization. But to everyone’s surprise, she ended up being pregnant with twin boys from one egg and a third child -- a girl -- from the other egg.

 “We did not think we would be in this position,” Torres told the New Yok Post.

Torres became a surrogate for the couple after finding out they could not have children through a Facebook post created by the birth mother’s sister.

Torres told the Post that the birth parents seemed happy about having the three babies, but once she got to about the 12th week of the pregnancy, they requested that she abort the female fetus.

Torres said the couple requested the termination citing “increased medial risks for developmental disabilities,” but after consulting with her doctors, the surrogate said there were no problems.

“I told her I couldn’t abort one of the children,” Torres said. “I could not emotionally and physically do that at nearly 13 weeks. I believe it will be killing this baby.”

Torres has reached out to surrogacy watchdog, The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, in an effort to help contest the abortion demand.

According to the surrogacy contract, she is set to collect at least $30,000 which includes $25,000 for carrying one child and an extra $5,000 for carrying two or more children.

In California, fetuses cannot be aborted once reaching a “viable” condition which is anywhere between 24 and 26 weeks. California is considered one of the most friendly surrogacy states in America, according to Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: New York Post

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