California City Considers Banning Smoking in Apartments

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The war on smoking is about to reach into the last bastion of privacy -- a person's own home. One town in California is considering banning smoking in all apartments.

The Daily Mail reports that the City Council in Elk Grove has proposed prohibiting smoking in apartments in the city.

There is already a law in California which went into effect this year that allows landlords to designate their buildings smoke-free if they so desire. Hundreds of buildings in Elk Grove have done just that, so many think the city ban is overkill.

"We don’t think it’s necessary," said Cory Koehler of the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley. "We support an owner’s right to choose the policy that’s in the best interest of their particular property. But what we don’t support is a new law by local government forcing the owner to do that."

What do you think -- should people be stopped from smoking in their own homes?


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