California Baby Eats Cocaine; Parents Arrested


A California couple is under arrest after their baby somehow ate cocaine. The baby is recovering and is in the custody of child welfare workers.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reports that 20-year-old Priscilla Tabarez called an ambulance to her home in the central California city of Atascadero Wednesday, saying her baby ate cocaine. Police say the 18-month-old boy was showing signs of being under the influence of the drug when officers arrived.

They immediately arrested Tabarez and the baby's father, Daniel Sanchez, 26. Police also arrested Tabarez's 18-year-old brother because he was in the house at the time. They are all charged with felony child endangerment.

Police say the child was able to eat the cocaine because the drug was "left out where he could get to it."

Exact details of the baby's condition were not released.


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