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Caffeine: Good and Bad Sides of Powerful Stimulant

Many require it to get moving in the morning time. Once the energy ebbs mid-morning, it’s often used as a pick-me-up. We’re discussing caffeine. It has its good side and its bad side.

What Is Caffeine?

It’s a stimulant. It’s designed to perk you up and get your blood running quicker. Blood vessels are dilated so you get additional oxygen flowing. Caffeine is found in pops, coffee, tea and chocolate. Is there such a thing as too much of it?

The Good

Caffeine is an ingredient in many medicines. We’re not just discussing energy drinks or pills designed to keep you alert so you are able to cram for a test or tend to a testy child. Look at the ingredient list for headache medicines. Do you see caffeine recorded there?

Caffeine can open blood vessels so that other medicine can get to the site of pain more easily. For someone suffering from a migraine headache, drinking a caffeinated pop may provide faster relief than a pill. It’s not recommended to drink a pop as your primary remedy, but it can take the edge off as your medicine is beginning to work.

Let’s go back to those energy drinks. They do not merely keep you alert; they afford you additional energy. This is desired for somebody who has a great deal to do and would like to get it finished.

Recall that oxygen increase? As the blood vessels dilate, additional blood can get to the brain and so can additional oxygen. You are able to think more clear from first thing in the morning time.

That additional energy can assist with weight loss. Drinking energy drinks can help you get through an especially tough workout. As the metabolism builds, your body burns additional calories to help you slim down.

The Bad

With the good also comes a bit of a downside. While caffeine can do all of these things, using it overmuch might lead to a few potential problems.

Caffeine is habit-forming. Ever notice that you can not merely have one cup of coffee? Some folks have numerous cups. You might have began with one but you wind up drinking more as your body becomes used to the effects of one cup. Too much might lead to jitters that can lead to a lack of focus as the day wears on.

When that much caffeine is running through your system, stopping it might make you a little woozy. Caffeine withdrawal may lead to dizziness, blurred vision and headache. How ironic, since it can also stop a migraine.

Hypertension is also a factor. Many medicines that contain caffeine (like cold medication) are being changed to a different formulation for those who have a history of high blood pressure. The caffeine can elevate normal blood pressure which makes them even more serious for somebody who has a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

Are you a caffeine drinker? Some can be helpful but overmuch might backfire on you.

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