Vaccines Not Toxic, Alternative Chelation Treatments are


Warning, non autism subject. Rather, the subject is misinformation by pseudo-autism bloggers.

“It’s toxic”. We hear that a lot about vaccine ingredients, especially thimerosal. But, dose makes the poison. As if I need to say that, yet again. But, once again there is a campaign to scare people about vaccines, using mercury as the hammer. Frankly, I’d be glad to see thimerosal go away just to see what hammer pops up next. (My money is on a resurgence of “too many, too soon”)

In addition to the SafeMinds PSA that they are trying to put into movie theaters, a smaller effort is ongoing (as it always is) at the Age of Autism blog. They recently posted the MSDS for thimerosal. They also gave a screenshot. And, they are tweeting the message.

(Note, I had to add that as I feel a kinship with “female bloggers” as of late)

What can we tell from this? Well, thimerosal has a health safety rating of 2. That’s a “moderate” hazard. If you check closer, you will see that there is a listing for toxicity. They give LD50 numbers. That’s the amount of the substance which given in a short period of time will kill about 1/2 of the test animals. For Thimerosal, the LD50 is 91 mg/kg [Mouse]. Give 91mg thimerosal to a group of 1Kg mice, and half will die.

But, hey, as long as we are looking at MSDS sheets, let’s check the sheet for, DMSA. DMSA, or meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid, is a chelating agent commonly used amongst those who “treat” autistic children as if they are heavy metal poisoned. The MSDS for DMSA shows, just like thimerosal, a 2 rating for health hazard. A moderate hazard. Again, for emphasis, the same rating as thimerosal. The LD50 is higher, acute: 5011 mg/kg [Mouse]. In other words, DMSA will kill mice (it is toxic) but it takes a larger amount than thimerosal.

But, how much DMSA is a child under this treatment exposed to? From one website, I found:

In one popular chelation protocol for children with autism, the dosage of DMSA is calculated based on the child’s weight, at 1/8 to 1/2 mg per pound. It is administered in divided doses, every four hours. This dose is given every day for three days, followed by a rest period of four days. Many children have remained on this regimen for as long as two to three years, with continued improvement over the course of therapy.

VRP now offers DMSA in a 25 mg dosage intended for children. However, it is always a good idea to work with a chelation doctor when treating children, and that is what we recommend.

OK, for simplicity sake, imagine the 1Kg mouse again. If you give that mouse a flu shot with 25 micrograms of thimerosal, you have given him 0.025mg/92mg or 0.03% of the LD50.

What about DMSA? Give that 1Kg mouse 25mg of DMSA and you have exposed it to 25mg/5011mg, or 0.5% of the LD50.

Both DMSA and thimerosal are well under the LD50 limit, but, by this measure, the 25mg of DMSA is over 15 times more toxic than the 25micrograms of thimerosal.

The thing about vaccines is that kids don’t get them every day. You can’t say the same thing about chelators. Kids have been on chelation “treatments” for weeks, months, even years.

If one wants to argue that “dose does not make the poison”, why are those same people supporting exposing disabled children to a chronic exposure of a toxic substance (DMSA)?

Perhaps I could tweet, “Female blogger ignores the fact that DMSA is poison. Perhaps send her the data sheet?”


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