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Bureaucrat’s Error May Force Chinese Woman to Have Abortion

A Chinese woman may be forced to abort her child according to China’s “one family, one child” policy — despite the fact that she and her husband had been given permission to have a second child.

The local planning authority where the family lives in Nanning, Southwest China, told the couple they could go ahead with a second pregnancy, the Daily Mail reported.

The law formerly dictated that a second child was permissible in a strict set of circumstances: if the husband was living with his wife’s family, and the family had only daughters and no sons.

The law was then amended to specify that the family should have only two daughters and no sons.

The husband, identified by his last name, Luo, told Want China Times that his wife has more than two sisters — and thus the permit was withdrawn.

Now the couple has two choices: pay a fine of several thousand yuan, or go through with the abortion if they cannot afford the fine.

While the department admitted its mistake, it said that all it could do is punish the staff member whose carelessness led to the error.

Luo said he will sue the department if no compensation or solution is agreed upon.

Sources: Daily MailWant China Times


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