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Abs Separate During Pregnancy: Post-Partum Core Work is Crucial

It sometimes seems like pregnant bellies stretch to infinity and beyond. But as that belly keeps bumping, moms-to-be can experience diastasis recti, or separation of the abdominals.  Sounds scary, but it’s extremely common as a whopping two out of three moms will experience the condition.

The abs can separate for several reasons during a pregnancy. The hormone relaxin does just what its name says: It relaxes ligaments and tissue to help the body prepare for birth. Plus the growth of the baby can simply be enough to force the uterus to compress against the abs. Even coughing or sneezing can be enough to cause this separation.

The good news, so we don’t freak out anyone who may want to bear children in the future? The condition can and should be corrected! And while many new moms want to look good post-partum and get back into shape, the function of the core should get top billing.

Abs after baby


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