Brown Friday: Shoppers Defecate in Dressing Rooms on Black Friday


Most people have heard about Black Friday, but "Brown Friday?" It's far more distasteful than shoppers fighting each other for a cell phone.

Brown Friday is when customers defecate inside store dressing rooms and inside the circular clothing racks on Black Friday. Some folks also defecate in a corner of the store or right next to the toilet, reports

Amanda Atkinson of Athens, Georgia, who worked nine holiday seasons at Old Navy, told “Obviously you had the ones in the bathroom, where people would miss the toilet entirely, clog the toilets and walk away, or they would go out of their way to smear their poop on the walls.”

Atkinson recalled one specific incident on Brown Friday: “There were clothes on the ground everywhere. There was a pile of clothes that, like, three people could have slept on, it was so big."

“Somebody had gone out of their way to stuff into the very center of the pile, not the bottom, mind you, but the dead center of the pile, a sh*tty diaper. To the point that we couldn’t do anything with the clothes, we had to throw it all out. We couldn’t even go through the clothes and see what we were throwing out because it was just too much of a biohazard. We just threw it all in trash bags and took it outside.”

'Alison,' who works at a bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky, told about an older man who disappeared into the store bathroom, but then departed.

Alison said: “So about ten minutes later, I go back there to check things out. Bathroom’s empty, but there’s an odor, for sure. I walk in and I look in the toilet, and it’s completely clean.”

“And all of a sudden I realized there was sh*t all over the floor. Not only did the guy sh*t on the floor, but he stepped in it and tracked it through as he left."


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