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Brothers Surpass Record For Oldest Living Conjoined Twins (Photo)

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In celebration of their 63rd birthday and surpassing a previously held record, the world’s oldest conjoined twins Ronnie and Donnie Galyon took a trip to Florida’s amusement parks.

The Galyon twins, who are joined at the waist and face each other, unofficially reached the milestone of oldest conjoined twins the day after they turned 63. The Ohio men beat out previous record holders Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci, who held the record for more than seven decades.

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When the twins were first born, doctors suggested separating both babies, but noted that they couldn’t guarantee both would survive. Mr. and Mrs. Galyon decided not to separate the two, and the twins now agree that their parents’ decision was the best choice.

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“The good Lord made us,” Ronnie said. “Let our savior do it.”

To celebrate holding the new record, the Galyon twins held a block party in their hometown of Beavercreek near Dayton. According to their younger brother Jim Galyon, the two are enjoying the attention they’ve received so far. Perhaps the love of attention makes sense, since the twins supported their family by performing in carnival sideshows until the age of 39. In Central and South America, the twins performed magic tricks and were treated “like rock stars,” according to Jim.

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Though the two were born healthy, they battled poor health in 2012 when Ronnie suffered a viral infection that caused blood clots in his lungs. Luckily, the twins were able to move in with their younger brother. Thanks to friends at the Christian Youth Corps, Jim’s house was made to accommodate his brothers.

The twins have yet to receive an official certificate from the Guinness World Records.

Sources: Daily Mail, Michigan Live / Photo Credit: Screenshots via Youtube


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