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Pakistani Brothers Become Paralyzed Every Sunset

Doctors in Pakistan are investigating a strange medical condition in two brothers who go into a vegetative state every evening at sunset.

Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rashid, aged 13 and 9, respectively, have behaved in this way since the day they were born, India Times reported.

Local villagers have taken to referring to the boys as "solar kids."

Doctors in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, are unsure what is causing the unusual behavior. Both brothers can move around and talk normally during the day.

“We took this as a challenge,” Javed Akram, a medicine professor at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, told the Associate Press.

The doctors say that no similar medical case has been reported anywhere in the world.

“Our doctors are doing medical tests to determine why these kids remain active in the day but cannot open their eyes, why they cannot talk or eat when the sun goes down,” Akram added.

Results are to be sent abroad to be analyzed by medical experts.

The brothers’ family is receiving help with the treatment costs from the government.

To make the cases even more puzzling, Mohammad Hashim, the boys’ father, has two other children who do not suffer from the ailment.

“I think my sons get energy from the sun,” said Mohammad, who works as a security guard.

Doctors disagree because when the boys are put in a darkened room during the day, they can still move around, talk and eat.

The siblings are enthusiastic about their future lives, with Shoaib hoping to become a teacher while Rashid plans to be an Imam.

Sources: Inside Edition, Associated PressIndia Times / Photo credit: Dawn/India Times

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