British Woman's Over-Sized Breast Implants Explode Inside Her Body


A British woman who was forced to live with her over-sized and expensive breast implants was horrified when they suddenly exploded.

Kim Brockhurst originally planned to go up from a 32AA to a 32B, but ended up with DDs instead. Nine years after her surgery, her breasts did not even look right – they became lumpy and misshapen. Brockhurst noted that she had a dent on her right breast.

“My breasts slowly went out of shape,” Brockhurst said. “It was a terrible time.”

Yet, nothing could prepare Brockhurst for the explosion that occurred inside her body. Her nearly $7,000 implants burst and leaked industrial-strength silicone into her system.

The 51-year-old fitness instructor was forced to have reconstructive surgery to fix the Poly Implant Prothese, or PIP, which were originally medically unauthorized.

PIP went into liquidation in 2010 after the product, which was meant to be used for mattresses, was recalled. Some 400,000 women around the world were affected by the botched implants.

Because Brockhurst couldn’t afford the entire recovery surgery, and the British medical system only covered the removal of her implants, so she decided to star in a reality show called “Botched Up Bodies” that fronted the cost.

“It was awful knowing I couldn’t afford that surgery but all the while I had silicone leaking into my body,” Brockhurst said. “I still don’t know where it’s gone and that’s a real worry.”

During the reconstructive surgery, Brockhurst said that silicone came out “like milk." Although she said it was disgusting to watch, she’s happy to have the implants out.

Post-reconstructive surgery, Brockhurst is now a 34D.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Metro


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