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British Woman Wakes Up With Giant Bruises On Body, Diagnosed With Leukemia (Photos, Video)

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British woman Thea Wilson was horrified after she woke up covered in mysterious bruises following a night out, only to find out that she had an aggressive form of leukemia.

Last year, the 31-year-old woke up with yellow and purple bruises all over her body. Because she had stayed sober the whole night, she knew she hadn’t tripped or fallen on the floor. She also knew that no one had run into her on the dance floor.

“I had no idea where these bruises were coming from,” Wilson said, according to the Dail Mail. “I’d been getting little ones for a few weeks but nothing like that.”

When the marks didn’t go away, Wilson went to the doctor and was misdiagnosed with the platelet disorder, since it can cause bruising like Wilson’s. Despite the diagnosis, Wilson was sent to the hospital for a bone marrow biopsy, where it was discovered that she actually had a rare form of leukemia. The form, known as Acute Promyelocytic, affects only 100 people each year.

Wilson, who works in medical sales, said she had been feeling ill for several months before her diagnosis, but couldn’t figure out why.

Following her diagnosis, Wilson was rushed to intensive chemotherapy to avoid internal bleeding. After six months of treatment, she finally went into remission. To celebrate, Wilson entered the Race for Life to raise money for the haematology department at Royal Shrewsbury hospital.

“The leukemia could relapse but that won’t stop me living my life,” Wilson said. “The blood unit saved my life so I wanted to give something back by raising money for them.”

Wilson is fundraising for the Shropshire Blood Fund Trust. 

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Sources: DailyMail, My Informs 

Photo Credit: Shropshire Star, apox apox/Flickr


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