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British Woman's Two Front Teeth Missing After Hysterectomy, Hospital Can't Tell Her Why

A mother of two in the U.K. got more than what she bargained for after she reportedly woke up from her hysterectomy operation with two of her front teeth missing.

Before the incident, the 47-year-old Clare Jones already had a few a few teeth missing and had a denture, according to Fox News. Upon being informed of the this, her doctors removed the mouth implant before the operation. Thus, immediately after her hysterectomy, Jones reportedly failed to notice anything wrong.

However, as Jones left the operating room on July 15, her mother noticed blood on the corner of her mouth. Then, as Jones tried to put her denture back into her mouth, she discovered that she was unable to because of two additional missing teeth, the Daily Mail reported.

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(Clare Jones)

When Jones questioned the doctors at the Royal Stroke University Hospital, they could not account for Jones’ teeth. The hospital has since launched an investigation.

“They obviously had to remove them to put something in to help with my breathing during the operation,” Jones told, according to Fox News. “But they haven’t told me that. If they had admitted it and apologized and said they will replace the teeth then I wouldn’t be so angry.”

The incident has left those close to Jone upset, including her older sister, Tina Holdcroft.

“The operation was supposed to be good news for Clare," Holdcroft told the Daily Mail. "She has had a lot of problems with her health in recent years, and this just overshadows the surgery she had to improve her health.

“I know that mistakes can happen and I accept that, but if you make a mistake you deal with it. . . I cannot understand how nobody can know what has happened to two of her teeth.”

Jones’ partner Nigel, a security guard, told the Daily Mail that the incident “has left Clare feeling really self-conscious.”

“I can't afford to have that much work done at the dentist and that sort of thing terrifies me," Jones added, "so I am not looking forward to having it all sorted.”

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Photo Source: Wikipedia, Partha S. Sahana/Flickr


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