British Woman’s Belly Button Explodes During Flight

A British woman on a flight from Portugal to England suffered a ruptured belly button five years after a botched tummy tuck surgery.

Patricia Jackson, 68, was returning home to Yorkshire when her navel exploded on a flight, with stomach contents leaking from her abdomen and passengers complaining about the smell.

Jackson was rushed to the hospital when the plane landed. The Bridlington grandmother was awarded £22,000, about $37,000, in compensation over the incident.

She had the tummy tuck to remove excess skin after losing weight five years earlier. A surgeon told her that her belly button had to be removed and there was no skin left over to make a new one, The Independent reported.

Jackson felt well enough for a trip to Portugal in 2011, but before she returned she noticed blisters around where her belly button used to be. After she boarded the return flight, the area burst and began leaking. She had to get up and dress the wound, with the help of a flight attendant, again and again during the flight.

This isn’t the first time Jackson experienced a leaking gut. The botched surgery has plagued her for years. It took medical teams numerous check ups to realize that her belly button wasn’t gone – it was left inside her. Furthermore the surgery left extensive and severe scarring on her body.

“Mrs. Jackson had the operation to gain confidence and instead was subject to years of pain and embarrassment,” said Jackson’s attorney, Jeanette Aspinall. “This case highlights how easy it is for an everyday cosmetic surgery procedure to go wrong.”

“While Mrs. Jackson is happy with the final result of the case after years of anger, she is now understandably fearful of undergoing any further surgery,” Aspinall added. “She is now keen to put this incident behind her and highlight the problems of not receiving the proper aftercare.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Independent


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