How One Woman Rejected Weight Loss Surgery And Lost 280 Pounds On Her Own


A 35-year-old British woman maxed out at nearly 400 pounds when she decided to change her life, and now, she’s lost nearly 280 pounds through hard work and determination.

Emma Sealey was convinced that she would die before she turned 40 at the rate that she was going, so she decided to take the necessary steps to save her own life.

“I hadn’t stepped on a weighing scale for years and I was terrified about what it was going to tell me,” said Sealey. “When I realised I was 28st 8lbs I was absolutely disgusted with myself. I needed to do something about it, but I knew it was my problem and I had to get myself out of it. I didn’t want surgery on the NHS – I want the NHS to concentrate on spending money on people who actually need it.”

Sealey admits that her issues with eating started after a childhood friend of hers tragically died.

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“I was devastated, and I expect it was one of the triggers for my comfort eating. I had a fairly tumultuous childhood,” Sealey said. “At one point I was sent to boarding school, and didn't want to go home at the weekends because I was so unhappy there. I found it easy to turn to food to cheer me up - things like chocolate and crisps. But the lift was always temporary. Before long I was overweight and I was suffering inside, feeling ashamed of myself.”

Finally, in 2010, Sealey decided that something had to change, and in two years, she lost around 280 pounds.

“I go on a cross-trainer I have at home and I love jogging and cycling when the weather is good enough,” said Sealey. “I'm a lot more confident now - I love walking past the shop window and looking at my reflection.”

Sources: Metro UK, Daily Mail


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