British Woman Goes To Dentist To Have Crowns Fitted, Comes Out With No Top Teeth


A woman who had all her teeth removed without her consent while she was out cold in a dentist’s chair is finally smiling again.

Nicki Stanley, 46, had gone to see the dentist after years of poor dental health, expecting to have new crowns fitted, according to the Daily Mirror.

But the mother-of-two was shocked when she woke up and discovered that every tooth from her upper gum had been extracted, leaving her embarrassed to leave the house.

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"When I lost all my teeth, it was like losing my personality,” MailOnline quoted Stanley, of London, as saying. “It was only when I got home and came round after three or four hours of sleep that I realized what had happened. The horror when I started feeling my mouth and found nothing was unimaginable.”

Stanley was so scarred by her experience that for years she refused to step inside a dentist surgery, failing to seek treatment for her decaying bottom teeth.

“For five years I barely left the house and I was never photographed - I'd never been so embarrassed,” she said. “And I was so scared of going back to the dentist that I haven't been able to get my bottom teeth sorted either.”

However, thanks to dental surgeon brothers, Dr. Anthony Zybutz and Dr. Michael Zybutz from Total Dental Care, she has now had her teeth restored.

The brothers removed all her remaining teeth, and the rotten stumps from her upper gum in an 8-hour operation worth £30,000 (nearly $45,000).

“I couldn't even bring myself to go out in public - with my new smile, I'm a completely different person,” Stanley said. "The difference having tooth implants - I've never been happier. I'm out every weekend celebrating my new smile. I've never been able to go around my head so high until now."

Sources: Daily MirrorMailOnline / Photo Credit: Caters News Agency


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