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British Teen Rushed To Hospital After Collapsing At School Dance; Family Suspects Her Drink Was Spiked

British police are investigating whether a high school girl’s drink was spiked during her school prom after the student collapsed at the dance and was rushed to a nearby hospital. 

Kelsie Perkin’s family says they were called to Yeovil District Hospital Friday night after the 16-year-old collapsed at the Preston School’s end of year dance at the Haynes International Motor Museum in nearby Sparkford. 

"It wasn't until she got out of the ambulance we realized how bad it was,” Kelsie’s sister Danielle told Blackmore Vale Magazine.

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“When we called her name she wouldn't respond, she was looking at me and mum as though we were strangers, she couldn't talk, she was motionless,” she said. “It was just pitiful.”

Doctors kept Kelsie overnight and ran a series of tests, but failed to determine a cause of the episode. They did reportedly rule out neurological and psychological causes. 

Kelsie’s mother, Debbie Perkins, told the Mirror she thinks the medical emergency might have been a prank that went wrong.

“While we are not yet sure exactly what happened, all of her symptoms would suggest her drink was spiked,” she said. 

And those symptoms were terrifying, Debbie said. 

“It was eight hours of hell, she was locked in this world that she looked so scared of, she couldn't respond,” Debbie told Blackmore Vale. “She was pushing her bottom jaw out, clenching her fists and pushing her toes out and there were little tears coming down her cheek.”

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The mother said they are currently waiting on toxicology test results to either confirm or rule out the possibility of a spiked drink

“It could have been a deliberate action or a misguided bit of fun,” she added. “Nobody else was affected, it was only [Kelsie]. We do hope that if anyone saw anything they will come forward. It was everything she was looking forward to and it has just been ripped away from her.”

Debbie added that her daughter remembers nothing from the dance.

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The Preston School’s principal, Gregg Morrison, posted a statement to the school’s website on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately one student was taken ill and, after receiving medical care at Haynes Motor Museum, went to hospital accompanied by two members of staff,” he wrote. “She has gone on to make a full recovery and was released from hospital several hours later.

“Postings on social media have speculated that this illness was due to the student's drink being spiked. The police have conducted an investigation into this matter, with which we have assisted, and currently they have found no medical evidence of that happening and are not pursuing their inquiries.”

But a police spokesman with the Avon and Somerset Constabulary suggested the investigation is ongoing. 

“We were called on Sunday reporting a possible spiking of a girl's drink at a school organized event and we are investigating,” the spokesman said. “If anyone has any information relating to this incident please call Yeovil Police on 101 quoting crime reference number 75723/15.”

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Photo Credit: SWNS via Mirror, Rolf Larsen/Flickr, Wikipedia


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