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British Mom Tells Amazing Story Of Daughter Who Was Born Lifeless And Brought Back To Life After 10 Minutes

A British couple whose baby was born lifeless and brought back from the dead after nearly 10 minutes is now hoping for a second miracle. 

Amy Fynn says she hopes to beat the odds and get her now-20-month-old daughter, Lilia, walking some day, according to the Daily Mail. 

The day Lilia was born, Amy Fynn and her husband Liam of Chesterfield, England, had no indication that anything was wrong.

“The labor started out absolutely fine. I wanted it to be natural so I had a birthing pool and no drugs,” Amy said, according to the Daily Mail. 

But just as Lilia came into the world, nurses and doctors had to immediately attempt to resuscitate her.

“A nurse shouted to Liam to pull the emergency chord and we noticed Lilia had come out completely white and wasn't moving,” Amy recounted. 

Doctors took the baby to an emergency area and worked for nearly 10 minutes to resuscitate the girl. The infant was then reportedly placed in a neonatal intensive care unit. She spent three days in an incubator meant to keep her body temperature cool in the hopes of preventing brain damage. 

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Doctors spent two more days bringing her temperature back up to normal. After a third day, Lilia was no longer listed in critical condition. 

Doctors reportedly warned the parents that the girl may still have suffered a brain injury after having been deprived of oxygen for so long but because she was so young it wasn’t possible to measure the extent of the damage. 

Amy said she and Liam were just happy their daughter was still alive. 

As Lilia aged they started noticing warning signs as the infant began missing developmental milestones. 

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“We noticed she couldn't roll over or put her hands up to her mouth,” Amy said. “She had problems with her balance and, even now, she struggles to prop herself up and can only sit up for around two or three minutes.”

At around 5 months old, doctors told the parents that Lilia had quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

“We were told that Lilia would never walk in a passing comment by a physiotherapist,” Amy noted. 

“I respect their opinion, and we're realistic that if she can't sit up for long independently by now, it's likely they may be right,” she added. “But it's so hard to think like that, we want to give her the best chance possible and hope she might beat the odds.”

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To help them do that, Fynn has set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising more than $20,000. So far the page has raised just over $10,000.

The money raised on the site will help the family pay for a specially designed tricycle so Lilia can play outside. 

Amy said she hopes some of the funds can also help pay for TheraSuit therapy for Lilia. 

“This is a 3 weeks course of daily 4 hour therapy while wearing a space suit, as well as oxygen therapy to help heal the brain,” the mother wrote on the GoFundMe page. “This will cost in the region of [about $23,000] so the fund raising has now begun.

“We know Lilia is one of the luckiest little girls ever as she has so many amazing, lovely, thoughtful people in life….you know who you are…we love you,” she added. 

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe: Get Lilia Movin’

Photo Credit: Daily Mail, GoFundMe: Get Lilia Movin’


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