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British Mom, 47, Claims Her Young Children Beat Her

Pauline Bubb, 47, claims that she was attacked up to 30 times by her small children at their home in Southampton, England.

Bubb, a single mom, was allegedly "beaten up" by Sapphirem 9, and Spencer, 11. Sometimes, Bubb's other 9 year old, Jorja, would reportedly join in.

The terrified mom often ran to her bedroom or bathroom where she would lock the door until her kids calmed down.

Bubb told the Mirror:

At worst Sapphire was attacking me 30 times a day. My legs would often be bruised and I had to keep them covered. She started off two years ago with controlling behavior. She would ask me a question like, "Can I have a packet of crisps?" but then say "Yes Sapphire."

Then I had to say it, but exactly how she wanted me to. I couldn’t say it too fast or too slow, I had to stand still, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t blink. She would repeat herself 20 or 30 times. If I said, 'No,' she would get louder, start swearing and hit me. Four months ago she bit my face.

Bubb claimed that Spencer once stabbed her in the stomach with scissors when he was only four years old.

"He was very angry," Bubb told the Mirror. "It was because I said, 'No' to something. Another time he strangled me from behind. I was frightened of my own kids."

Bubb signed up for a parenting class last year, and learned how to deal with her kids.

"I had no boundaries and had lost my parental control," Bubb stated. "They didn’t feel safe. I was trying to be a mum and a dad and a friend. I wanted them to like me. They are my world."

The Times reports that some UK parents are calling the police when they need help to discipline their unruly children.

The newspaper cites a report by a watchdog group that claims some parents would rather have the police come to their home than deal with their kids' bad behavior, such as fighting over a TV remote control.

Sources: Mirror, The Times
Image Credit: chris


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