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British Man Castrates Self After Fantasizing About Torturing, Raping and Killing Women

An unnamed British man in his mid-20’s voluntarily underwent chemical castration after he began fantasizing about kidnapping, raping and then murdering women.

Even though he had a girlfriend, he began to cheat on her with women he met through online chat rooms. After the high from that wore off, he began searching for sex that was “more extreme.”

"It progressed to being more violent and then the fantasies of sexual assault and rape started... and then I thought of killing the women I was sleeping with," said the man. Gradually the thoughts weren’t enough and he decided to act upon it.

"I went out that night to do it. I purchased specific tools and had them in the trunk of my car. I drove around and got an individual in to my car. It was easy, but I never harmed her."

At that point, he turned to Canadian sex expert Dr. Paul Federoof who set up the castration and intense counseling sessions.

“The removal of my sex drive did occur quite rapidly and made me a lot more comfortable," said the man.

Sources: NYDailyNews, DailyMail


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