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British Man Andrew Wardle Set Undergo Surgery For New Penis

One British man is set to to get something he’s waited a very long time for — a penis.

Andrew Wardle, 39, hit the unfortunate jackpot of being one in 20 million males born without a much-needed organ. Instead, he was born with an ectopic bladder on the outside of his body, which grew where his penis was supposed to. After dozens of operations throughout his childhood, including one to build a tube from his bladder so he could urinate, Wardle was able to function somewhat normally.

In fact, one could even say Wardle thrived; the Greater Manchester resident bragged at one point that he’s bedded over 100 women. Thankfully, Wardle didn’t divulge the logistics of that feat in his interview with The Sun.

Still, despite his accomplishments, Wardle went through quite a few rough patches growing up and says this operation signifies a new beginning.

“I never thought this day would come and I still can’t believe it is possible for me to actually have a fully functioning penis,” Wardle told The Sun. “Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility.”

Wardle’s biological mother gave him up for adoption because she was only 17 when he was born. On top of that, Wardle suffered from bullying as a result of him constantly going in and out of the hospital.

The tube he’d had inserted allowed Wardle to function somewhat normally—that was until he became interested in girls. He’s had girlfriends, but because he was unable to perform to their standards, many left him or cheated. Wardle eventually became so disillusioned with his situation that he began to experiment with ecstasy and LSD, and even attempted suicide with a pill overdose.

Wardle finally decided to talk to his sister, Michelle Bailey, who encouraged him to see a doctor. To Wardle’s surprise, the doctor explained that there had been success with penal reconstructive surgeries, and that they might be able to build him a working one with skin from his arm.

Wardle is set to have the first of three operations this summer, during which doctors will take skin from his arm, some muscle and nerves and make an appendage of sorts that will eventually be a penis.

The following operations will connect all the necessary plumbing and implant a pump device to make sex and ejaculation possible.

After the operation, Wardle plans to write a book about his experiences and train to be a counselor.

Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail


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