British Infant Is Amazing British Medical Community; Here's Why


3 week-old Amara Chiedozie is about as healthy as a baby can be. She has all the signs of normal development, save one astonishing ability: she can hold her own bottle.

While this may not seem like the most glamorous ability, baby Amara is blowing away medical professionals with her astounding grip and knack for feeding on her own, the Daily Mail reports.

Her mother Onyi Chiedozie, 20, claims that her daughter has been doing this since she was just three days old. Under normal circumstances, a baby should be able to hold a bottle on its own at around six months of age.

Chiedoze, of Chadwell Heath, Essex, England, UK, states, "Even nurses are really surprised. When my health support nurse came, she was shocked as well. She couldn’t believe that this could happen."

In the same interview, her mother said, "‘When we were feeding, she started shaking, then she just grabbed the bottle. She was holding it by herself. We couldn’t believe it because babies don’t normally do it that young. I’m so shocked that I have been documenting it every day. It’s unbelievable."
While Amara's ability to grip the bottle and feed herself is continuing to impress all the doctors, nurses and midwifes with whom she has come into contact, the baby's abnormal behavior does bring up some issues of concern.

As The Daily Mail points out, babies who feed themselves with a bottle have a higher likelihood of choking. Also, breastfeeding is important bonding time between a mother and baby. In addition to all this, a baby feeding itself with a bottle can impede the child's physical development, specifically its a ability to suck properly, which is part of the process of developing the jaw.

While Amara's ability is truly incredible, her mother realizes that it is healthier for the child to breastfeed, so she continues to allow her child to do so. Ms. Chiedoze states, "When she breastfeeds she is touching and holding on to me. It’s a really nice experience and way to bond."


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