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Tinnitus Symptoms Leads To U.K. Man's Tragic Suicide

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U.K. man James Ivor Jones, 58, was found dead in early July after he jumped into a quarry to end the pain of his tinnitus.

Before taking his life on July 9, Jones wrote a heartfelt letter to his family explaining why he could no longer continue living, reports. In the letter, he asked for their forgiveness.

Danny Jones, James' son and fellow employee at a wind farm in North Wales, noted that his father was literally driven mad by the constant ringing in his head. The ringing, caused by chronic tinnitus, has no cure.

James apparently only began suffering from tinnitus at the beginning of this year. Before, he was often known as the life of the party and had big plans for the future with his friends and family. James was so well liked that the farm he worked at was shut down so that colleagues and friends could attend his funeral.

Now, James' family is hoping to raise awareness of the condition that occurs in 1 in 10 people.

“He wasn’t just my dad,” Danny said, according to “He was also my business partner set for an epic venture, my mentor, my oracle, my best mate and my best man to be.”

James had also developed an unusual condition known as hyperacusis, which made him extremely sensitive to sounds. Apparently he even found the sound of stirring tea to be unbearable. Despite taking sleeping pills, James could barely get an hour of sleep at night.

According to James' wife, Marie Jones, her husband became very “demoralized” after that.

Danny hopes to raise around $8,000 for the British Tinnitus Association through a Just Giving page. He hopes that the donations will help raise awareness of the condition. 

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: The Daily Post, Just Giving page


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