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British Couple Stranded In New York, Facing Huge Medical Bill After Son Is Born 11 Weeks Early

A British couple is stranded in New York City after their son was born 11 weeks early while they were visiting on vacation. Now they are afraid they could be on the hook for a huge medical bill. 

The Daily Mirror reports Katie Amos, 30, was on a sightseeing tour with her 29-year-old partner, Lee Johnston, when she went into labor Dec. 28. 

Johnston’s brother, Dean Johnston, said his family was surprised, but they are happy the new addition — a boy, named Dax — is healthy. Dax weighed just 3 pounds when he was born.

“They were walking through Central Park on a movie tour when Katie started feeling a bit funny. Minutes after arriving at hospital she gave birth,” Dean Johnston said. “It is a huge shock but we are so pleased that Katie and the baby are doing so well.”

Johnston and Amos still have a few more obstacles to clear. 

Doctors have told the couple Dax will not be able to fly on a plane for two to three months, which effectively strands them in New York City. 

And Johnston said he isn’t sure if their health and travel insurance policies will help cover the cost of the birth or their expenses while they are abroad. 

Doctors have told them they could be looking at about $200,000 in medical bills, according to a story from the Daily Mail

“We feel quite stranded at the moment, we are stuck here without our family. It is scary because we don't know anyone so we are completely on our own,” Johnston said. “We just really want to get home but the main thing is Dax is as safe and as well as possible.”

To help with the costs, friends back home have begun arranging fundraisers to collect donations.

“They are not sure if their travel insurance will cover any of the costs and they have a house here and bills to pay,” Richard Crow, a close friend, told the East Lindsey Target

“So myself and others have organized a collection for them which will hopefully help them out financially. We are asking people to donate what they can, I know after Christmas money is tight but they really need our help. If a lot of people donate a little it will make a big difference,” Crow added. 

Johnston and Amos have also set up a Facebook page so others can follow Dax’s progress. 

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