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British College Student Uses School Loans For Plastic Surgery

While most graduating students are trying to figure out how they will begin to start repaying their student loans spent on years of education, one student decided to take a part of those loans and spend it on plastic surgery.

Essex University student Katerina Christodoulou, 21, decided to use her $17,000 loan to pay for plastic surgery, including liposuction on her buttocks, thighs and hips, and surgery on her knees. Her now ex-boyfriend also decided to help her out by paying for a boob job, and now, Christodoulou says she is looking into getting a nose job.

"I did think about using the moment to put a deposit down on a house, but then I thought, 'why not use the money to make myself happy now,’” Christodoulou said. “I know some people might be surprised to hear that I spent my student loan on my body, but it was worth it for how I feel now."

The student says her family fully stands by her side and has supported her financially through school so that she could use her student loan for surgery.

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“I could have spent my loan on my studies but I was lucky enough to have a supportive family who helped pay for my books and social life,” Christodoulou explained. “This allowed me to save my money. My parents gave me their blessing and were really supportive whilst I saved up.”

In England, students who take a loan from the government have 25 years to pay it back as soon as they start making $28,000 a year or more. If they are unable to pay back the loan after the 25-year period, however, the loan is forgiven and passed onto the taxpayer.

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