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British Airways Won’t Allow 500-Pound Man Kevin Chenais To Fly Home To France, Even Though Airline Brought Him To Chicago

A family brought their son from France to Chicago for a year and a half of treatment of a hormone disorder and now it’s time to return home. The problem is that British Airways won’t allow the 500 pound man to board a flight, even though the same airline brought him to the United States.

22-year-old Kevin Chenais came with his family to the U.S. to spend 18 months at the Mayo Clinic for treatment, according to Mail Online. Chenais and his parents have been stuck at a hotel close to the airport for a week because British Airways refuses to allow him to fly because of his size.

“We blame British Airways because now they just leave us, and they brought us here,” Christina Chenais, Kevin’s mother, told CBS Chicago.

The family is now out of cash and plan to travel to New York by train to board the Queen Mary II cruise ship to England, all taking time and money they can’t afford. Kevin requires round-the-clock oxygen and full time medical attention.

 “Our customer service team worked diligently to find a solution…Unfortunately, it is not possible to safely accommodate the customer on any of our aircraft…,” a statement from a British Airways spokesperson read.

Kevin’s parents insist the airline was informed about his size and medical needs before they bought their tickets.

Sources: Mail Online, CBS Chicago


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