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Role Models: Bristol Palin vs Lady Gaga

Warning: most of this article is opinion. My opinion. Take it for what its worth.

Bristol Palin has been offered a very lucrative deal as a public speaker, raking in $15-30K per speaking engagement to talk about teen pregnancy! Am I the only one who thinks this is nuts? Surely we can find a better role model for today’s young women! I know! Lady Gaga!

Enter Bristol Palin. Bristol’s accomplishments in life so far include:

  1. graduating high school,
  2. being the daughter of a vice presidential candidate,
  3. becoming a teen pregnancy statistic,
  4. and enduring a nasty and public custody battle and a broken engagement with the father.
  5. All this before she was old enough to drink!

Uhhh…..did I miss something?  Bristol Palin is not a hero. She is a statistic. I pass no judgement on her until she becomes willing to walk into my daughter’s school as a paid speaker and talk values / life skills. Her choice to earn money this way is an insult to the professionals out there actually trying to reduce teen pregnancy and help teen girls become successful women.

Enter Lady Gaga. A truly controversial public figure, her videos are risqué, she is openly bisexual, and she’s now accused of hindering the Mideast Peace Process! What better contrast could we possibly get?

  1. Lady Gaga started piano at age 4, wrote her first ballad at 13, and started performing open mikes at 14.  At 17, she was accepted into NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
  2. When Lady Gaga felt she outgrew the school, she left.  She made a deal with her parents to go on her own for a year or go back to school.In her words: “I left my entire family, got the cheapest apartment I could find, and ate shit until somebody would listen.” (as a small business owner I respect that)
  3. Lady Gaga is successful!  Her music has topped charts around the world. She accomplished what she set out to do!
  4. Lady Gaga is living openly with her sexuality, is comfortable in her own skin, and is a confident woman in the world.
  5. Most of what she has, she earned herself.  And she has been generous and charitable to others in need.
  6. To be fair, Lady Gaga has allegedly had a drug problem, something I could not endorse or overlook. But then, Lady Gaga isn’t taking in money speaking to kids about her drug use. She isn’t being rewarded for hypocrisy.

So who’s the better role model? The teen statistic that is getting paid ridiculous money to say she’s sorry? Or the current symbol of America’s lost soul? Lady Gaga’s story is mostly a success story of a self-made person. Bristol Palin’s is not.

Let me be clear: I’m not elevating Lady Gaga up as a symbol for all girls to emulate.  I’m calling out a hypocrite where I see one: Bristol Palin.

As a Daddy, I have to.


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