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Brides Forced into Virginity Test at Mass Wedding

In America, the biggest worry that brides have is finding the perfect wedding dress.

In at least one part of India, brides must pass a virginity test and a pregnancy test.

Hundreds of young women were recently forced to undergo the tests as part of a massive wedding.

Madhya Pradesh, a state in India, reportedly organized the invasive tests for up to 450 women.

The Madhya Pradesh state government pays for the Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojna ceremony, which helps women from low income families get married.

The Mukhyamantri Kanyadan Yojna ceremony also provides new brides with about $150 worth of household items, notes the International Business Times.

However, it's not easy getting married in the Harad village of the Betul district and collecting the freebies.

Nine women turned out to be pregnant and were not allowed to marry.

Madhya Pradesh state government officials denied that a virginity test was done, but did admit that some couples were banned because they were trying to get married under false pretenses.

"I have given the orders to probe the complaints on alleged virginity and pregnancy tests conducted on would-be-brides," said Rajest Prasad Mishra, a Betul district collector, without a hint of irony.

"Such a shameful act where girls had to reportedly undergo tests to prove their chastity to avail the government's financial aid were sinful and could not be tolerated in a sane society," said Girija Vyas, of the Indian National Commission for Women.

Source: International Business Times


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