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Bride Claims Husband Raped Her on Their Wedding Night

A woman in the UK is pressing charges against her husband after she claims he forced her to have sex with him on their wedding night after she told him she was too drunk and didn’t want to. The bride, who is in her mid 20s, alleged in Exeter Crown Court that she was so intoxicated after her wedding reception that she was not physically capable of consenting to sex.

She says she told her husband as much, but that he ignored her pleas and forced himself on her. He has been charged with that rape and four subsequent rapes that occurred over the course of their two-year marriage.

The prosecutor, Richard Crabb, argues that the husband’s disregard for his wife’s wishes and well being became apparent after the wedding. He says the husband developed a sense of “entitlement,” according to the Daily Mail.

“You’re my wife, it’s allowed,” the husband allegedly told his wife.

The trial is ongoing.


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