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Brett Zorse Arrested for Groping Sleeping Female Passenger on JetBlue Flight

Brett Zorse, who was on a JetBlue flight from San Francisco to New York City with his 12-year-old son, has been accused of putting his hand underneath the skirt of a sleeping female passenger and massaging her thigh, reports

The 50-year-old Zorse reportedly told the unidentified victim when she awoke: “It’s not like I molested you. It’s not like I stuck my finger in your p*ssy or grabbed your t*ts.”

The woman told police that Zorse engaged her in polite conversation prior to takeoff, but his "conversations throughout the flight all turned to a sexual nature.” reports that the woman took medication to help her fall asleep during the flight. About 40 minutes before arrival at John F. Kennedy International Airport, the woman “woke up… to Zorse massaging her thigh underneath her skirt.”

After allegedly being groped, the woman told police that she left her seat in tears and returned just before the plane landed. She did not initially tell authorities or airline workers about the April 2012 incident, but later e-mailed JetBlue and contacted New York police.

Zorse told police that the female passenger was “flirting with him, telling him he was attractive and he was a good father."

While admitting to placing his hand on the woman’s leg for “approximately 30 seconds,” Zorse denied placing his hand up her skirt.

Zorse has been charged with simple assault and faces up to six months in jail if convicted.

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