Breastfeeding Mother On Jury Duty Sent To Bathroom Stall To Pump


A Memphis mother reporting for jury duty sparked a public outcry after she posted photographs on social media of the tiny bathroom where she was told to pump breastmilk in the Jury Commission Building.

The area where breastfeeding mothers are directed to nurse or pump is a small one-person bathroom that doesn’t have a place to sit down and has no breast pump, WLBT reported.

“I don’t want to prepare my own lunch in a bathroom and I don’t think people should be expected to prepare the food for their baby in a restroom either,” Shayla Lawrence, a breastfeeding advocate, told WREG.

“This is disgusting," mother Yancy Villa-Calvo told WMC Action News 5 after seeing the photos.

"This is no place to breastfeed or eat, or anything except for going to the bathroom," she added.

After the mother posted the pictures to Facebook it made its way onto the Twitter page of Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell. Shelby County government spokesperson Steve Shular says that’s when administrators realized the area had to be changed.

A former break lounge is being converted into a breastfeeding area where mothers can nurse or pump.

"We worked very quickly to get those accommodations changed, and we will have that in order by Monday," Shular said.

Sources: WISTV, WREG, WMC Action News 5

Image credit: Twitter


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