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"Breast Cancer Mom" Alaina Giordano Loses Custody Battle

A North Carolina woman suffering from breast cancer has lost a high-profile custody case due in part to her disease, and now her children are moving to Chicago in just two days.

The Daily Mail reports that the North Carolina Supreme Court on Monday upheld a lower court ruling that said Alaina Giordano's two children should live with their father because of the "deteriorating condition of the mother's health."

The high court ruled the children must move before the school year starts, hence the short notice.

Giordano wrote in a statement:

"As I write today, I deal with the difficult recognition that my children will have to live 800 miles away from me, until my appeal can be heard. In the wake of this legal decision, my children and I now must grieve the pending loss of each other. My attorneys were hopeful. It's very disappointing."

Giordano said she will continue to fight, to end "medical bias" as a deciding factor in custody cases. However, the lawyer for Giordano's former husband said this was not about her medical condition.

"This is not a cancer case," Jeffrey Leving said. "This is a clear best-interest case."

Giordano told ABC News in June that her cancer is not progressing. She continues to receive treatment at the Duke Cancer Institute in North Carolina.


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