Man Undergoes Ten Procedures To Make Himself Look Asian


Every year, thousands of people in Asia undergo plastic surgery with hopes of “Westernizing” their appearance. One man recently underwent ten plastic surgery procedures for just the opposite reason: to look Asian.

Xiahn Nishi, formerly known as Max, is a 25-year-old Brazilian software programming student. He recently fell in love with South Korean culture after he spent a semester abroad there. He loved Korea so much, in fact, that he decided he even wanted to look like the people there.

After being turned down by many doctors, Nishi found a surgeon who agreed to close the inner corners of his eyelids and inject them with hyaluronic acid in order to increase their volume. The goal was to give him the narrow eyes found on people in many parts of the Asian world. 

Curious to see the results? Here are some before and after pictures.


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Nishi told the Sydney Morning Herald that the change in his appearance doesn’t mean he now considers himself Asian.

“I don’t see myself as an Asian. I see myself as something in between,” he said. “I just wanted my eyes to look that way. I don’t feel like I’ve become an Asian or a Korean person”.

He also said he has no time for people who criticize him for ditching his natural appearance.

“Most people change their natural look every day with makeup,” he said. "(It's the) same thing with plastic surgery. If someone uses makeup they cannot say anything about plastic surgery."

Nishi’s move seems to be paying off so far. He says a South American company selling Asian-styled clothing has approached him asking if he wants to model some of their new clothes. 

Sources: South Morning Herald, NY Daily News


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