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Brazilian Doctors Remove 100 Maggots From 65-Year-Old Man's Nose (Video)

Brazilian doctors removed 100 maggots from a 65-year-old man’s nose after he visited a clinic complaining of week-long nose bleeds.

The stomach-turning discovery was made when doctors at the Clinics Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, put a camera into the unidentified man’s nose.

The man, who had previously undergone surgery for a tumor, arrived at the hospital after suffering symptoms, including bleeding from his nose, a "dull ache" on the left side of his nose, difficulty breathing, a foul smell and swelling around the eyes, the Daily Mirror reports.

Check out the footage below (Warning: It contains graphic content that is not for the squeamish and cannot be unseen.):

Doctors inserted a camera inside his left nasal cavity and found more than 100 living, flesh-eating maggots.

The 65-year-old man was diagnosed with nasal myiasis, an infestation of the skin by maggots that feed on the host’s tissue. This was “treated with local application of saline solution and daily removal of larvae, guided with the use of nasal endoscopy,” according to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

His symptoms cleared after four days and he has since made a full recovery. After two months, the man’s nose had healed and the maggots were all gone.

According to the Daily Mail, the maggots were identified as Cochliomyia hominivorax (also known as New World Screw worm), which is known for the way its larvae burrows and eats away at the flesh of warm-blooded animals.

Sources: Daily MirrorNEJMDaily Mail / Photo Credit: Screenshot via NEJMvideo/YouTube


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