6-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Birthday Wish? A Box Full Of Cards

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A 5-year-old Massachusetts boy who suffers from an inoperable brain tumor says all he wants for his birthday this month is a box of birthday cards.

Danny Nickerson of Foxboro will be six on July 25. His mother Carley Nickerson says this is more than just another birthday and she hopes the community will help her son celebrate.

Danny was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October. There is no cure for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. It is one of the most chemotherapy-resistant cancers.

"Every day is a blessing to us," Carley told the Foxboro Reporter.

Fewer than 10 percent of children survive longer than 18 months after the diagnosis.

Carley says it’s hard to remain positive, but they are doing their best to make sure Danny has as many fun and happy experiences as possible, including ice-cream dates, family movie nights and trips to the zoo.

His mother says it’s important to radiate happiness during this difficult time.

"Danny's birthday means so much to us this year ... He loves going to the mailbox and finding mail with his name on it," she said.

His birthday is next Friday and any birthday cards should be addressed to him at: Danny Nickerson P.O. Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035.

Sources: Foxboro Reporter, WBMX

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