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Brandon Reid, Florida Teen, Struck By Celebratory Gunfire Following Miami Heat Win

A Florida teen is recovering after he was hit by a stray bullet the night Miami Heat won the NBA championship.

According to the Associated Press, Heat fans took to the streets following their team’s second-consecutive NBA championship win on Thursday. Many decided to shoot bullets into the air in celebration, and one ended up flying through 15-year-old Brandon Reid’s sliding glass door and hitting him in the head.

The teen, too, was watching the post-game coverage of the NBA finals when the bullet struck him just below the ear.

"I thought a rock hit me first," Brandon said Saturday during a news conference at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Doctors were able to remove the bullet from his head, and say he is expected to make a full recovery.

Brandon’s neurosurgeon Dean Hertzler said he was lucky because the bullet hit one of the thickest parts of the skull. His parents shudder to think what could have happened if he had been hit just a few inches over.

"We're glad they won but the fact that it could have turned into something tragic, it just makes you think," Brandon’s father Marvin Reid said. "Now you think safety before you think to celebrate and that's just the way it is from this point forward."

Sources: NBC Sports, Huffington Post


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