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Brain Tumor Discovered In Boy After Doctor's Misdiagnosis

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A child in Manchester, England, has been given just a few months to live after he was discovered to have a brain tumor. The tumor was found after a doctor had previously misdiagnosed him, sending him home with anti-viral cream.

According to the Mirror, Stewart Sheridan, 10, was prescribed a regiment of anti-viral cream at the Ribblesdale Medical Practice near Manchester due to the child suffering from constant nose bleeds.

However, as his symptoms persisted, his father, Michael Sheridan, took him to Fairfield General Hospital where they administered a CAT scan which revealed the tumor.

For the past several weeks now, Stewart has been lying sedated in the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Unfortunately, doctors have given him a mere few months to live, as his tumor had reached a grade three and is inoperable.

In an effort to shrink the tumor, the child is due to have intensive radiotherapy sessions. However, many medical officials believe that this will only delay the inevitable. 

His family decried the practices of the doctors at Riddblesdale after sending his son home with anti-viral cream to treat his problem.

Mere days before the doctor's appointment, Stewart was sent home from school after complaining of a bloody nose, dizziness, as well as hallucinations, diarrhea, and vomiting. 

Doctors told the father Michael that Stewart's four-month nose bleeds were because he had "excess blood." 

"The [doctors] have diagnosed him wrong. We were told he had a virus and the doctor gave me a cream to put up his nostrils," Michael said. "We then found out he had a brain tumor. The doctors have got it very wrong."

The news of Stewart only having months to live devastated the family.

"The radiotherapy will just shrink it, but the doctors said he has months to live," Michael said. "I asked them if he had years, weeks or days left and they said months.

"We're all devastated. He's still out of it, even when he's awake he doesn't know whats going on," the father-of-two continued. "When they told us, I had to go out of the room, I couldn't believe it."

Stewart's grandmother, Carole Sheehan, was also present at his bedside along with his mother Kelly.

"I haven't slept properly since we found out," the grandmother told reporters. "I haven't stopped crying. We're just hoping for a miracle."

Source: The Mirror Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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