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Customer Says He Found 'Brain' In KFC Fried Chicken (Photos)

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A KFC consumer discovered what appeared to be a brain with his meal.

The photo, which went viral after being posted to Reddit, showed the “brain” next to what appeared to be a spine and rib cage.

The gray, unappetizing-looking brain prompted many Redditors to express their disgust, though it was later pointed out that the mystery meat was likely chicken liver.

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“It’s part of the kidney which happens to be attached to the backbone which is connected to the ribs where the breasts are,” Redditor IKLYSP wrote. “Whenever one buys bone in breasts with rib meat this is almost always attached. I never notice it when cleaning it raw, but once they are cooked it definitely sticks out as odd.”

The photo comes just a week after the fast food restaurant made headlines for what appeared to be a fried rat sold to a customer. It was subsequently discovered that the “rat” was actually two pieces of chicken combined by a prankster to look similar to a rodent.

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