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Brain-Dead Teen Will Receive School Diploma, Says Family

Having your tonsils removed may seem like a routine operation, but for one girl, it was anything but. Jahi McMath, 13, who had her tonsils removed on Dec. 9, 2013, suffered serious complications after the surgery.

She started bleeding, suffered cardiac arrest, had brain swelling and was declared brain-dead three days later at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland, California.

However, her parents fought in court to keep her body going on medical equipment and moved her to a skilled nursing facility.

Even though McMath has been legally brain-dead for six months, her family announced this week that their daughter will get an honorary diploma from her school, noted Reuters.

"Jahi's school, E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts in Oakland, California has confirmed they will honor her and the diploma will be accepted for her, by a family member," said a statement on a Facebook page dedicated to the teen. "Jahi, definitely feels all the love."

Omari Sealey, who is McMath's uncle, confirmed to KCRA that the school was going to give the diploma to a family member for the teen, but the school has not yet confirmed this report.

Sources: ReutersKCRA


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