Doctor Pops Massive Cyst On Eye Of Boy (Video)


A video (below) showing the moment a doctor in El Salvador popped a massive cyst that grew over the eye of a boy has gone viral.

The growth, known as a chalazion, takes place if one of the glands that secretes an oily substance along the base of the eyelashes, which is used to keep the eye moist, becomes blocked, Everyday Health reported.

In the video, Dr. Alberto Cota demonstrates how to perform surgery on a chalazion, according to the Daily Mail.

The doctor tells the unnamed boy, who is seen lying on a hospital bed, to stay calm before cutting into the cyst with a scalpel. Yellow pus immediately leaks from the cyst and falls to the ground.

The boy can be heard moaning in pain.

As the pus slows down, the doctor squeezes the rest out of the fluid inside, and the cyst begins to bleed.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology estimates 25 percent of chalazia do not require treatment, as they resolve themselves, according to Everyday Health.

Only in a small number of cases is surgery required, and it is usually performed under local anesthetic.

If it happens to you, doctors suggest holding a hot, wet flannel on your face for five to10 minutes several times a day and washing your eye lids with baby shampoo mixed with water. Medication can also be provided.

Doctors advise against trying to pop a chalazion yourself.

Sources: Daily Mail, Everyday Health / Photo credit: Dr. Alberto Cota/Facebook via Daily Mail

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