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Baby Has Part Of Skull Removed After Falling Off Couch (Photos)

An 18-month-old boy had to have part of his skull removed after falling off of a couch.

On Aug. 18, Joanne Liberato's 18-month-old son, Eddie Kidd, and his older brother were climbing up the back of a couch, the Daily Mail reported.

"I told [him] to get down, and he gave me this cheeky smile," Liberato told the Daily Mail. "The next thing he went flying into the air and hit his head on the tiles."

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The child immediately started screaming. His eyes went black, and a massive lump appeared on his head.

Liberato initially thought her baby's injury wouldn't be so bad since he was still conscious. But when she took him to the hospital, doctors decided the boy needed to be airlifted to Brisbane for emergency surgery.

"They said If I hadn’t ... taken to him the hospital he would have passed away at home," Liberato said.  "They put [him] in an induced coma to fly him to Lady Cilantro. They were about to take him but then they said they didn’t have room for me in [the] helicopter.

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"I ended up in cab ride for an hour and 20 mins on my way to Brisbane. I was praying the whole time I would get there before they started surgery on him."

Eddie was taken into surgery to have a blood clot removed from his brain. The operation reportedly went smoothly but two days later, Eddie's brain was still bleeding.

Doctors discovered that Eddie had hemophilia, a condition which stops the blood from clotting. He then developed a golden staph infection.

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Eddie needed surgery again. This time, doctors had to remove a part of his skull, wash it, and put it back in.

The surgery was successful and Eddie spent six weeks recovering in the hospital. But two days after being discharged, the infection came back.

"He had to have surgery again, and they literally threw the piece of bone out because they couldn't use it," Liberato explained. "Now they have to wait to see if the bone grows back or if he'll need a metal plate in his head."

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Eddie now has to live with a part of his skull missing. He wears a helmet to protect his brain. Liberato said she is grateful her son is doing well now.

"You go to the hospital and there are so many kids worse off, kids with cancer and disease," she said. "He seems good at the moment."

A GoFundMe account was set up to help pay for Eddie's medical costs. The page has raised more than $4,000 in two months.

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Liberato says she is hopeful for her baby boy's future.

"I’d love [a] good night’s sleep, I haven’t had one since it happened," Liberato said. "And I'm looking forward to the day when Eddie doesn't have to wear the helmet. It will be wonderful for him."

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Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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