Boy With Skin Disease Suspended for Keeping Hair Too Long

Zion Williams, a second grader at Shiloh Christian Academy, was sent home Wednesday because his hair was too long for the school’s liking. Williams, however, suffers from a skin disease called Alopecia which is an autoimmune condition that makes his hair fall out. Williams has been receiving treatment that has been successful in helping his hair grow back in patches, so keeping it longer allows Williams to cover up some bald spots.

Talia Mann, William’s mother, has requested for her son to be exempt from the policy because of his condition, but the school refused to make an exception.

"I think it's heartless. It's heartless that he would actually take him out of school because of something so simple as a haircut," she said.

When asked about his hair, Williams reiterated that he likes to keep it long so as to cover up the bald patches. Mann also said she doesn’t want to cut it because Williams must undergo painful treatment, including injections to his head, in order to get his hair to grow. Cutting it off, Mann said, would be counterproductive.

The principal and pastor at the elementary school is Bishop Derrick Williams, finally responded to Mann’s request for an exemption. Williams will be allowed to return to school on Tuesday with his hair the length that it is. 

Sources: Fox News, Mommyish


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